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As your licensed general contractors we offer a wide range of year round lawn and landscape maintenance or renovation services.


Lawn, lot and field mowing

We are equipped with Mahindra 38HP and 6ft rotory mower, commercial grade 2014 Hustler 54" Zero Turn, 2015 Walker 48", 2014 Walker 52" with Grass Handling Systems, , 2 Honda 21" mowers.

Landscape Maintenance & Renovations

We do a wide range of landscape maintenance projects. From weeding, pruning, shaping shrubs and ornamental trees and more. We have an 10yd dump trailer for debris removal and mulch hauling.

Lawn Renovations

Aeration, detaching, over seeding, top dressing and sod installations.

Trimming & Pruning

Trimming and pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs

Hedge Trimming Specialist

From small boxwood hedges to 500ft Leland Cypress hedges and Laurels of all shapes and sizes.

Snow & Ice Removal

Commercial, & HOA snow removal from roads, drives, parking lots, common areas with 8' plow, 30 inch walk behind, ATV 4' plow. We also provide de-icing with cement safe de-icer.

Weed & Feed Applicators

Weed control in Turf and landscape areas. Complete lawn and soil amendments using organic based granular and liquid fertilizers, liquid Aeration, liquid de-thatch solutions.